Goddamn! What's that? – What the fuck is going on??
I'm wounded, it bleeds! – Still nothing happened to me…
Just like if a powerful disease had striken really bad
I started to feel sick to fell like I was about to die
The blood is red, red just like hatred
My wounds have putrefied, my pain is amplified
Like a curse from the gods it spares nobody
Someone is really mad, humankind is bloodied
It hurts! it burns! – Please someone finish me off!
Agony, Haemorrhage – Are together entwined
It can strike at anytime there is no way to avoid it
Worst thing is we'll never know: why the hell do we deserve this?
Alright, that's it! – Now I am really pissed of!
You mucks, you dogs! – I'll kick your asses in hell!
Until you explain the reasons for this suffering
For our sins, our stupidity or maybe it's just for fun
It's time to bleed! It shows no mercy!
I look around everyone is like me – Bleeding profusely, gore hanging out
Dying people is all that I see – Subject to convulsion, thrown to the ground
What's happening would someone tell me – Eaten by decay, painful and slow
Death is coming so let it be – Countdown to extinction has reach zero
Gore going on, Blood bubbling hot, Brains bursting out, Great gargling sound
Terminate, annihilate – The world that we know ends
Suppurate, execrate – We're sloshing muddy meat
My flesh turns to hot melting pus; my body's a gruesome mess
I can honestly say that today I felt pain at its best
I regurgitate my guts and all of my innards with glee
This is meant to be you'll see it'll come our time to fuckin’ bleed!!