Torture The Souls

Each day a lot of people die
They all come to me - the grim reaper
I'm the evil ruler of all your lies
Torturing the souls - is what I prefer
I have legions of dancing corpses
Awaiting my order to move
They are riding on skeleton horses
In dark cemeteries they groove
I'm pleased to torture the souls
Humans are a bunch of blind fools
I bath in a rancid blood-filled pool
The sight of living things makes me drool
Creator of all pain and suffering
In my world you're just a slave
For eternity you'll be screaming
As I command how you behave
Sucking dry the life force of every breathing creature
Getting mightier as I feel inside my power is growing
With time earth is destined to become a dry wasteland
And this day I will become the most powerful being ever