Gore On My Snare!
Gore falling off of my face!
Blood dripping... Criss cul fukk cul criss?!?!

Playin' the show
Just can't let go
Splashes of red flashin' on
Guys, wait up!
My arms are fukked up
What the fukk?

'Cause there's blood on my snare
Stop the song my arms are bleedin' out!
Dying live before your eyes!

(Un)holy fukkin' shit this is fukkin' fast
Hurry up, my legs are falling off
Grinding, blasting my life away
Please make it stop!

I cannot go on
Red stains my kit
And I think, I'm gonna die...
Scream for me!
For my Death
My blood in exchange of your screams
Dying for Heavy Metal!

Never thought I'd end this way
For my buddies I'll die today
This' fukkin' stupid
And totally uncalled for
Oh well... I'll make the best out of it
Blast away!

Since I'm bleeding
Might as well bleed the rest
Impaled by drum sticks
I'm taking you to hell with me!
Ain't dyin' alone...
Here comes my gore-gushing bass drums of war!

Fade away!
Fainting now!
Blood gushing out!
Completely Bled out!

Blood & Gore on the stage...
Blood & Gore...